Spreading Joy Like Peanut Butter

The subject of this entry is maybe ‘quality of life’ or ‘spiritual wellness’. I particularly like the word ‘wellness’ with all its buzzwordness and whatnot.

I posted this entry under ‘funnies’ but really it’s a comment on Pat’s entry on Adi’s potty trainedness and sorta a comment on Dad’s comment on Dan’s request. Hopefully you’re still with me. I wanted to post rather than comment so that I could check out my cool picture. That’s the truest reason of them all. Yippie.

So more about wellness. Brian (my roommate) and I talk about it quite often. Last week I read something about the Dali Lama and how he is the happiest guy in the word as judged by some fancy brain scan things. He is all for scientific testing and research and his recent endevours focus on happiness and ‘wellness’. The article (from the nytimes) and the Dali Lama talked about the benefits of meditation and how it could possibly serve to recircuit your brain to make you happier. Crazy stuffs. So related to that was/is the need to engage in things you enjoy. In hopes of doing that I’ve decided to (among many things) do/read/say more funny things. One of those things I’ve done to help make me laugh more and thus, enjoy life more (not that I need it, of course), and thus perhaps, like meditation, rewire my brain circuitry, has been to check out Dave Barry’s articles more often. By the way, Brain circuitry would be a great name for a rock band.

Now, this entry is seeming more like it could be in the ‘connections’ part. The first connection is to Adi being potty trained. Check out this site for Dave Barry’s article from last week on the subject. The last few paragraphs had me rolling.

I didn’t want to take up all the room on the front page, therefore I decided to put the ‘read more’ section here.

The other connection is to Dad’s comments on Dan’s request. Dad, what’s wrong with being funny? Laughing is the best. That’s why I thought it nice to share the Dave Barry article. I realize you’re not saying that laughter is bad. I know you always said that laughter is the best medicine. I guess that’s why so many of us died of tuberculosis. But seriously, are you saying that laughter is worse than Iraq having nuclear warheads and biochemical weapons. Surely that’s going TOO far. You’d have to admit it yourself. And to argue that being clever in hopes of laughter is no better than raising taxes is again going off the deep end. For real.

I, like Dan, and the rest of the fambly, like all things funny. So do you Dad. And if Dan wants to have funny questions we should support that. (I would ask, “what is your favorite prime number?” or something like that). I think its best if we share the laughter. Don’t forget to throw the giggles my way when you can. (if you can, check out the dude - Ali G. He is for real. Some wacky English Jewish dude, bordering sometimes on the inappropriate, who lets the laughter flow. I read an article on him in Newsweek - he’s now got a show on HBO. He interviews famous serious people like Butros Butros Gali and Buzz Aldrin, then asks them outrageously stupid questions.)

love, david

ps. “Connections” is the main theme of my teaching. I’ll have to write more on that later.

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Dad • 02/22/03 4:09 PM:

yeah, I felt bad about my “too serious” entry after I posted it. I don’t mean nothin’ by it. Funny is good. I just mean that bending over backward or turning yourself inside out to be funny may not be the best use of your time.
Did I ever tell you about the Peanuts cartoon where Charlie Brown kisses his sister (?) when she feels bad, but he has been eating peanut butter beforehand and gets peanut butter in her eye and this causes her more pain when all he really wanted to do was help? Anyway, in the end she understands and tells him that she knows he didn’t mean to hurt her and that it’s the thought that counts. so that’s the connection I made with your title.
So, anyway, be funny, but make it natural and don’t spend too much time agonizing over it, like I sometimes do. Emerson might have said, “write today in funny words and tomorrow in funny words again, even though they contradict the humor you expressed yesterday.” If you don’t understand this, read the back issues of Patrick’s fulbright essays. Or ask him.

Patrick • 02/22/03 4:39 PM:

Just a technical note: if you want to use links in your posts, please do it accoring to the Textile instructions, which can be found in the Instructions section.

I have taken the liberty of converting your URL into a link. I hope you don’t mind.

There’s not too much to learn, but if we do learn the little things, then everything will be smoother. Like peanut butter.


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