Negative Information, part Duh

i was briefly talking with pat about dad’s negative information and i said that it was typical madden complaining even though we’re right. most people don’t put much thought into that kind of thing, which i (and everyone else in our family) don’t understand.

so i have a story similar to dad’s, but with a happy ending.

i went into coleman-morse center (the new building where the bookstore used to be with the free soda and popcorn and powerade) one night because i was really thirsty (i mean REALLY thirsty. i needed lemonade or something BAD.) and there were no cups (they’re throwaway styrofoam). i had never been in there when there were no cups. there’s always at least 100 stacked next to the soda fountain. i was like, what?

so i was desperate. nobody was in the room, so i looked for a used, unthrown-out cup to use. but there weren’t any around. then i eyed the garbage can. i approached it to reach inside and pull out a nasty old one (seriously, i was thirsty) but the garbage can was within sight of a person studying in the other room. plan B failed.

i began walking out, but then decided to walk back into the room to look for a plastic garbage bag to fill with juice. just then, three girls walked out of a room which i hadn’t noticed. i looked inside and it was the kitchen. they said (knowing that i must’ve been looking for a cup too), “yeah, we looked in there too and there’s no cups.” darn. i lost. i started walking out again.

DUH. who am i? i’m a MADDEN. that’s a kitchen! there’s SOMETHING in there that i can use. i walked back into the soda fountain room and then the kitchen. immediately i was reminded of CYO basketball days when we would rob the kitchen of all the leftover chocolate milk and ice cream from the refrigerators (i’m sure dave was worse than me). i checked the fridge (not looking for cups anymore) and saw ice cream. i was tempted, but i left it alone. i couldn’t steal from campus ministry. after all, they’re providing me with the free drinks.

i checked a couple cabinets. locked. i checked another one. GLASSES! jackpot. i almost did a dance. instead, i thought to myself, dan, you gotta tell your family about this. so i am. i filled the cup three times with lemonade and drank like a king. while everyone else had walked in, saw no cups, and left, I got my juice. that’s right. and that’s what makes me a madden.

here’s the peculiar part: i actually washed my glass and put it back afterwards.

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Dad • 03/03/03 3:24 PM:

good story. I connect with it immediately, and am reminded of my habit of creating by “walking around.” (By the way, I think there’s a book out called “Management by Walking Around,” or at least an article in Business Management Weekly.) Because I don’t throw anything “potentially useful” away, there are often strange but useful objects sitting on shelves in the garage or basement that “speak” to me as I ponder a solution to a problem. The flag “putter-upper-taker-downer” is a result of such a search. (That ought to quiet any detractors.) Do these inanimate objects really speak to me? Why do I actually have to see them? Why can’t they speak to me through walls? I dunno. Don’t ruin it.

You will appreciate that the last time we were at Notre Dame, staying in the Sacred Heart Parish center, (or maybe it was merely “one of the times”) I desparately wanted some coffee. I went to the kitchen and found there was nothing in plain sight even suggesting the possibility of coffee. However, by trying cupboards (most of which were locked) I found coffee, filters, coffee maker, cups, creamer, etc. and made a pot. As I stood there enjoying the coffee, other people in the center started coming by and I offered them coffee as well. I made some friends who I will never see again.

Patrick • 03/03/03 5:38 PM:

1) Double space between paragraphs; use your quirky no-caps style consistently. You’re making my editorial brain alarms go haywire.

2) This (looking for the cup anyway) is what will make you great. Rock on.

David • 03/05/03 7:24 PM:

Right now I hear MacGyver music in my head,

It’s what I live for - resourcefulness. Good to be related to you, Daniel. You are da bomb. I must admit (this is hopefully not too contradictory to the comment I just wrote on Pat’s ‘liking things your not good at’) - but I AM THE MAN! when it comes to resourcefulness. (an other stuffs too)

Now let me clue you into something - LIBEL. You can’t put in print stuff like “I’m sure Dave was worse” - You can’t prove that!

I’m not saying I wasn’t (surely I was), but still, no more libel. The movie True Lies comes to mind - when the wife asks Arnold if he ever killed anybody. He says, “Yes, but they were all bad people”. That’s kind of how I was when ‘being resourceful’. Never ‘stealing’ and certainly not hurting anybody/thing. Like when I ‘borrowed’ the master key for Whippany Park from one of the secretaries. I planned on giving it back - man, what’s the big deal? Some people need to cool out :)

That being said, knowing where/how to look and solve problems, such as no cups, is a great talent. I could list 100s of stories. I love it. We get a big part of it from Dad who always taught us/ told us to take all we could get. Love it.

I applaud you Dan. Nice story. You forgot about the cool 42 ton marble sphere thinger in Coleman Morse.

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