March Maddenness

March Madness, and it’s uglier, far crazier, lunatic lost brother, March Maddenness, are about to begin! Lace up your converse all-stars and buckle your seat belt. This year, as part of the “Building Family Morale through such persuits that will give ample opportunities for us to make fun of each other and trash talk” campaign, I have decided we should have a Madden Family NCAA pool. I volunteer to be the lifeguard, the bracketologist, the commish, the head honcho, the big dog, the numero uno, the big cheese (not to be confused with Dan, the toe cheese), the admiral, the pres, the CFO, the CEO, the CBO (chief bracket officer), the man with the plan, the beta and the psi. You’re welcome. Choosing not to play will be taken seriously, and your membership in our family will come under review by the board (most likely resulting in your membership being revoked).

Please print out a bracket here and send it to me, post-marked by Wednesday March 19, 2003. We will NOT include the play-in game between 65 and 64. If we all fill these out we could have lots of fun. I’m checking on a way for us to do it online - it would be easier to monitor and tally (if you know of somewhere to do this let us know). Winner takes home only some admiration from family members. Click ‘read more’ to view my address.

My address is

2665 N. Burling, Apt. 1
Chicago, IL 60614

DavidIdeas03/17/03 2 comments


Dad • 03/17/03 5:44 PM:

Good idea, David. Except, what exactly do you mean by your first sentence (and I use that term loosely)?

Hmm, do I pick UWM over Notre Dame? I have paid almost as little attention to the teams this year as ever before, which is still probably more than Patrick has. Around here everybody is upset that Seton Hall didn’t get in. I think they have a point, since the Pirates were good enough to beat ND. By the way, “Go Pirates” sounds exactly like “Go Irish” when you’re at the Meadowlands.

Patrick • 03/17/03 11:40 PM:

Dad is right. I can honestly say that until I read David’s post, I hadn’t even considered that there even was any NCAA basketball going on this year. Hadn’t crossed my mind in the least. And I’m not going to do any research either. So I’m relying completely on luck.

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