Trash-Talking in Iraq

I got this from CNN, which tells about a clash between the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit and a group of Iraqis at Umm Qasr. According to “a staff sergeant” the battle is “effectively over” and the Iraqi Republican Guard commander surrendered. Not so, says Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf:

“Those Iraqi fighters, those heroes at Umm Qasr, are teaching the American and British invaders a lesson,” he said. “Those Iraqi fighters are slapping those gangsters on the face, and then when they flee, they will kick their backsides.”

Sign number 23 that your government is totalitarian: You have a Minister of Information. And he talks trash.

PatrickFunnies/News/Quotes03/23/03 2 comments


David • 03/25/03 8:26 PM:

Just wanted to say, nice post, Pat. This war is absurd.

lynn • 04/05/03 7:41 PM:

this war is cool. got more quotes of my hero mohammed said al-sahaf?

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