Happy Patrick Day!

Welcome to the site, Kathleen. Thanks. I’d like to say that today is the first day I have made new entries. Thank you to Patrick, who I had the great fortune to speak to via telephone on today, this wonderful birthday of his. It was really cool to speak to him since he’s so very far away. Too bad it was only for 11 minutes. (Mom, dad, got any phone cards left?) Perhaps we can look into having a teleconference so we can all actually speak to one another. Well, maybe that’s a recipe for chaos. We’ll have to look into it. (What? You nominate me to look into it since I didn’t help with the website design? Is that what you’re saying…? It’s a bad connection. I can’t hear you…) Well, we’ll see what I can do. I’m off to the beach and the gym. Tough life, getting out of work at 2:10 pm! I’d love to have you all join me sometime, so keep your vacation options open.
Love and hugs,

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Patrick • 03/27/03 7:27 AM:

Today isn’t the first day you’ve made new entries. You made one called kath in da house and at least I commented on it. Thank you for the birthday wishes and for the call. It was good to talk to you. This site is kind of like a conference call, albeit an asynchronous one. Face-to-face conversation is better than a conference call because you have a lot of visual clues and cues to help you from talking on top of other people. If you want something synchronous, we can do an Instant Messenger chat. Does everyone have IM names? If not, go download the program and set up an account.

By the way, Dan especially, does AOL now own ICQ? Seems like their programs do about the same thing, and now you can download ICQ from AOL’s page.

Kath, also please always assign a category to your entries. When you don’t do that, I have to go in, assign your entry a category, delete your original file, and save the new one. Also, though it’s not a “rule” per se, there’s no need to sign your entries. That’s what the footer (“Posted by Kathleen” etc.) is for. Please read through the Instructions files quickly to familiarize yourself with the site. Thanks! LYLAS!

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