I just learned that He-Man is back on television. I was a little too old for the guy, but Dave and Dan sure liked him. See the Cartoon Network site for information.

PatrickNews03/28/03 2 comments


Patrick • 04/02/03 8:37 PM:

You may also know that Transformers and G.I. Joe are also on again. They’re making new ones. I think this is great. Much better than Pokemon and whatever they’re making new nowadays!

David • 04/10/03 10:09 PM:

I remember, as clearly as any memory I have stored in my brain, the day Matt Friel came over to play with Frank and me - he was not alone this time, like normal - he had with him He-Man and Skeletor!! I literally remember it as clearly as heck. I love that memory. It’s one of my favorites, so thank you Pat for reminding me. This is all linked to an essay I want to write about memory and brain/neuron function. Similar to stuffs Pat’s written about and Dad and I have talked about. Another theme will be my/our family’s ‘nostalgia-driven memory’. Is it like that for everyone, or just us?

To continue - playing with He-Man and his buddies and enemies, Kringer, Many-Faces, Moss Man, etc. was tons of fun. Loved it.

I also remember fondly the times of playing matchbox cars with Matt and Frank. How crazy is that? Sitting around, picking cars, and driving them on little tracks around our homes and on Frank’s steps (where we also tried parachuting with plastic bags - weren’t those steps like 80 feet high back then?)

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