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Hello people. I have been hard at work on my nametag project and i am working very hard trying to get this site up. most of the stuff has fallen into place and it’s a matter of putting content into the right spots and such. i hope to have it up tonight.

DanNews04/07/03 5 comments


Dan • 04/07/03 9:10 PM:

ok, i lied. i ran into a big big problem. tomorrow it’ll be up. thank you for your support.

Dan • 04/09/03 5:13 AM:

ok. it’s not completed, but this is the basic site: thank you for your support.

David • 04/10/03 9:19 PM:

I saw someadasite the other night and it was outrageous to the max. I’m majorly impressed with the site, even though it’s not yet complete. Way to go Dan. He even looks like me in a few pictures. Good for him. Big ups to my brother.

Dad • 04/11/03 3:33 PM:

I don’t know what a “someadasite” is, but I checked out the “nametag” site and it was mighty cool. I’d love to give some feedback, though. Looking forward to seeing the real deal when it’s up.

Good luck with the project, Dan.

Patrick • 04/13/03 7:37 PM:

I also like it. Make sure you look at it on a Mac. For instance, I can see the “on-deck” pictures off to the right of the screen (outside the “box”) and again when they pass through to the other side. If that’s what you want, I disagree. Also, number 8 doesn’t work. And get going! I want to see the site working, and it kind of loses some important functionality if it’s not up until after you’re not wearing the nametag anymore, no?

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