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For all you volleyball players out there, I’ve been able to purchase the new AVP ball for half price! That’s right folks, I’m paying only $25 instead of $50. I also have to pay for shipping and handling, and so would you if you’d like me to send you one (some), but that’s a huge savings. Let me know how many you want. Davey and I are already going to get one for Pat’s bday (Danny, you can chip in too). I ordered 6-8, so that’s a lot of moolah. I want two or so for myself. Let me know asap, as they should arrive by the end of the week.

And by they way, when are y’all coming to visit???

KathleenStuffs04/09/03 5 comments


Dad • 04/11/03 3:29 PM:

I think I have enough volleyballs in the garage. Admittedly, they aren’t of the best quality, but then neither is my playing.

David • 04/13/03 5:18 PM:

Thanks for doing all that Kath. I’ll take 2. And I’ll go in on buying one for Pat. Righteous!

Patrick • 04/13/03 6:21 PM:

While I am moved to tears of joy that my siblings are thinking of me and willing to buy me a volleyball, I gotta say, Do you really need all three of you to chip in for one ball? Can’t somebody buy me some CDs or something? (i.e. Pearl Jam, Audioslave, Lapdog, Tonic, etc.)

Thank you very much. This message brought to you by uninhibited avarice.

Patrick • 04/13/03 7:18 PM:

Kathaleen, This is, how you say, small, but big. Please assign a category to every post you make (I’ll be watching you). Every time you don’t do it, I have to notice, assign the category myself, and delete the file created when you posted without a category. Please, save me this heartache. Please assign categories. It only takes a second.

While you’re at it, read through the instructions. I think they will tell you everything you need. And read through the comments on your own entries. I’ve mentioned this three times, but I don’t know if you’ve ever read it.


Jeff Watten • 01/06/04 12:23 AM:

Hey, I’ll buy 6 from you at $25 per.

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