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In searching for information on J. Geils Band (see previous post), I discovered this 1974 song: “Must of Got Lost.” I can’t find the lyrics online, but I am inclined to believe that there is no intended irony in the common mis- (what? spelling? understanding?) of the phrase that should be rendered “must have.” Add this to the list of evidences for my essay-en-potencia on rock lyrics and grammar (which also includes a lot of me/I confusions and “I cannot forget from where it is that I come from” among others). Send me your examples too!

PatrickObservations04/13/03 2 comments


Dad • 04/13/03 11:22 PM:

Is it Bon Jovi who said, “I’m gonna lay you down on a bed of roses”? This is not the sort of grammar thing you’re looking for, but, as you know, I’m struck (stuck?) by the uncomfortableness of that bed.

How about the MacArthur Park lyric that goes: “Someone left the cake out in the rain, I don’t know if I can take it, ‘cause it took so long to bake it, and we’ll never have that recipe again, oh no!”

I don’t remember the lyric (so what else is new?) but I think there’s a part of Arkansas Lineman, by Glenn Campbell, that’s kind of ridiculous. Or is it that other song by Campbell, Gentle on my mind? These are not specifically grammar errors, but coherence errors. Taken literally, they either don’t make sense or are stupid.

Dan • 04/14/03 4:38 PM:

“every rose has it’s thorn”

(brett michaels, lead singer of poison, has this tattooed on his arm. he sings this song.)

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