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Here is an example of what I mean with my idea for a New Yorker humor piece. This one is on what happens after the brain teaser. I dig it much, especially the third one. Enjoy.

PatrickRecommendations04/20/03 3 comments


Dad • 09/06/03 11:20 PM:

I like this one too. These are also kind of like Paul Harvey’s “The rest of the story” where he tells you some unknown background fact about a familiar event. Writing about the “aftermath” of brain teasers is a fantastic idea, but I think the last two are much better than the first two. Elaine’s comment about not telling her husband how to drive is lame. If that’s the best ending the writer can imagine, he should have used another brain teaser.

Likewise, the “red hat” comment by the 3rd sage is too obvious. A man capable of reasoning as he did in the previous problem would surely be more sophisticated than that. It might be better for him to wait a long time without answering, then when the king asks him why he’s taking so long, he says he’s waiting to see if anyone is raising their hand. Or something like that.

Dad • 09/06/03 11:21 PM:

Hey, I just found $20!

Dan • 09/09/03 12:49 PM:

“The ensuing years have been arduous for me”

haha. the first two aren’t great, but the third one makes up for those two. you know steinberg was laughing when he wrote that one.

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