Tonight both Pato and Adi said part of the prayer. Adi began “Thank you for food.” Pato said “Thank you for food to eat.” Adi said “Thank you for food that people can eat.” And then they went on to explain all the things one can do thanks to food: play, run, play with friends, go to school, etc.

Then they thanked God for all of the members of our extended family, as they do every single day.

PatrickStuffs04/30/03 1 comments


Dad • 05/01/03 10:36 PM:

Children are wonderful. Grandchildren are especially wonderful. I can still see them with their beautiful smiles, Adi singing her Spanish songs, Pato thinking carefully as he translates into English for me. Thanks to you and Karina for bringing them into the world, our world.

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