What Is Your Brain Type?

Check out these online tests to determine whether you have a female or male brain (i.e. empathizing or systemizing). I have an “Extreme Type S” brain, meaning I’m a manly man, or something. I scored 29 on the empathizing test (below average, even for men) and 42 on the systemizing test (above average, even for men). Why not take the test yourself and see how you do? Report your results in the comments!

PatrickSuggestions05/02/03 3 comments


Dan • 05/02/03 4:38 PM:

yikes. i scored a 24 for the empathy quotient. come on, now. i’m not that bad.
i also scored a 46 on the systemizing quotient test. come on, now. i’m not that good.

i think i must have been lying to myself. i would have liked taking these tests without knowing what i was taking them for. like, combine them with dummy questions to make one test with 2 outcomes. that would probably give a better result. but then, why would you take the test? “hey, come take this test thing. you’ll find out some info about yourself if you do, but we won’t tell you what…”

Dad • 05/02/03 11:08 PM:

OK, I scored 16 on empathy (who cares about that stuff anyway?) and 37 on systemitizing (c’mon, I should be higher than that).

I think I may have gotten confused on the multiple negatives like “I don’t care about people not liking me as much as they don’t like people I don’t care about.”

Anyway, real men don’t take these psychology tests.

David • 05/05/03 2:04 PM:

Once again, like Leonardo’s drawing, I am the most balanced. :) I got 38 on the E, and 35 on the S. Not really sure what it all means. I found myself getting aggrevated with the repeat questions - (especially whether or not I look at the precise way in which the McDonald’s worker made my Big Mac and arranged the meal on my tray - who cares?).

Dad, did you seriously get a 16 on the E? Are you RAINMAN or something? As for Dan’s 46 on S, do you get a headache from being like that all day long? :)

I too got confused on the quadruple negatives and such. I also would’ve liked a fifth “who cares?” button.

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