Corn on the Cob

I was watching Friends today (don’t ask) and Penn (from Penn & Teller) was selling Joey some encyclopedias, but he only had the V book. So he asked Joey, “Do you know where the pope lives?” and Joey answered, “In the woods.”

I thought that was an excellent example of the kind of mixed allusions we like to do in our family. Stuffs like “like it and weep” and the Dick Tracy/You can’t handle the truth/I want my son back stuffs. So, anyway, what I’m trying to say is corn on the cob is good, isn’t it?

PatrickFunnies05/28/03 1 comments


Patrick • 03/09/05 8:19 PM:

Dave and I were just talking, and I invented a new classic saying. We don’t quite have a place for our sayings, but this entry includes some, so I’ll put it here. If we decide to later, we can make a whole entry on the subject (like “Madden Diseases”). Anyway, without further ado, Dave told me (about what, I no longer remember), “You gotta dig it,” to which I replied, “You gotta dig it, or it’ll bury you.”

Bam. New classic.

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