Tonight at dinner we had pat and pete over and dad was mentioning that he read somewhere that Pat Riley had trademarked the phrase, “Three-PeatŪ”.

now, I had only heard this, never read it anywhere. So i did a google search. here’s what i found:

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Dad • 06/03/03 9:47 AM:

I have never been a fan of Pat Riley. First of all, he looks like a mafia hit man, second, he looks like he kills people for the mafia in his off hours, and third, he looks like a Sicilian mobster who’s in America to hunt down and terminate other mobsters. That said, he did also have some skill as an unethical basketball coach. What he did to Byron Scott was clearly unethical. To sneak off and trademark someone else’s creation without even sharing the proceeds is unethical and immoral. Even today Riley should share any money he has made on “three-peat” with Scott. I mean that.

As for “four-peat,” that’s a travesty. Three-peat is clever, and is easily dirived from “repeat” by adding the th. It retains the long e sound and is readily understood the first time anyone hears it in context. Sure, once you’ve got three-peat, four-peat follows, but any fool can do that! Worse, four-peat is not a pun on any known word and can only be understood as the ugly stepchild of three-peat. Where does it end? Only the statistical improbability of long championship repetitions by dynastic sports franchises limits the reproduction of these grotesque extentions of what was once a catchy combo-word. Someone please stop the madness.

Patrick • 06/03/03 8:30 PM:

Actually, once you get to “twenty-threepeat” it gets good again!

Patrick • 06/03/03 8:44 PM:

1) Pat Riley and George Clooney are almost tied for most-un-Irish-looking-with-most-Irish-name, but Riley definitely wins. Besides, he looks like a hit man for the mafia.

2) Byron [Scott] and his wife, Anita, have three children, Thomas, LonDen and DaRon, and reside in Livingston, New Jersey. (

Dad, you should go see him and ask how he feels about being gypped on the “three-peat” deal, and why he gave two of his sons such dumb names. “DaRon” may be the worst name I’ve ever heard.

On a more serious note, don’t you think more than just Byron Scott came up with “three-peat” independently? That’s a classic independent redundancy if I ever hoid one. Not that Pat Riley didn’t do Byron Scott wrong, but there must have been others who also thought of it and didn’t trademark it.

Dan • 12/28/05 11:00 PM:

We all knew this would show up sooner or later, but now with “peat” and “Pete”.

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