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This website is awesome. You can find out what you need to know about logos, and see some too!

Props to my sidekick Al for finding this for me. Here’s this guy’s rant on the new UPS logo: Logo 99 hates UPS logo.

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Kathleen • 06/10/03 1:52 PM:

Want a comment? Here’s a comment:

I thought our web site was going to be to keep in touch. This isn’t keeping in touch at all. I have no idea what’s going on in any one of my family members’ lives, and I don’t have any time or desire to read more stuff on here. Maybe if you guys wrote stuff like you would write in a personal letter to someone, I’d read more. It seems like a chore, and it’s like you sit around and say “I wonder why the Madden women don’t read this,” and bitch about it. Okay, now you’ll all write back and say “We don’t say that, Kathleen,” and “What’s up your butt?” but the truth is that this isn’t a family web site, it’s a web site for intellectuals. Pat, I appreciate that you are a writer and that you write all the time, but I’m your sister, not your colleague, and I’d rather have a conversation via email than know what you’re writing. I need a dictionary to read your stuff. It’s overwhelming to log on because all I see are these literary entries, and Gina was right, you practice your writing on here. Perhaps if/when I get more into my own writing, I’ll appreciate this more. And don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate all that this website contains, but it’s simply not practical for me now. I’d rather go home each day and know what Karina did this week than look at some recommended web sites. blah blah blah. Don’t use this as another opportunity to bash me as the sister who disagrees. It’s just that you create this little boys club and then sit around scratching your heads, wondering why we don’t want in. No wonder Aunt Lynne was never in your childhood stories…she didn’t want to do what you did. Open yourselves up to new or other things. Start letter writing, or emailing. Or, perhaps, I’ll just stick to email and only log on the our web site when I have lots of extra time and feel like doing some reading.

Just some ideas..

Patrick • 06/10/03 4:06 PM:

Jeez. I guess I’ll reply here, even if it doesn’t have much to do with Dan’s post (except that you complain about links to other sites).

1) The site is constantly changing. It could easily be about what we’re doing. Why not start writing those kinds of entries? David’s recent entry is pretty much that. I’ve done several like that. The thing is, if people want to write other things, then you can just skip over those. You can just read those entries in the news category. And you can post news about what you’re doing. That’s what we’d like (at least I would).

2) I think we are keeping in touch. We get to hear each other’s thoughts here, and respond. Even though it takes longer than a normal conversation, it’s got the benefit of being more permanent (and allowing us time to get ideas down clearly). In my opinion, thoughts are more interesting than events, though the two often work together. Nobody ever offers you a penny for your events, do they?

3) This is the sort of stuff I would write in a personal letter. Really.

4) We are intellectual in our family. That’s one of the good things about us.

5) You can probably tell by the title or by the first line of an entry whether you want to read any more of it or not. Often the entries are broken up so that only the first paragraph is on the main page. If you aren’t interested in what you find in the first paragraph, don’t click on “read more.”

6) Aunt Lynne was also 13 years younger than Dad (I assume you’re talking to Dad about that one, and no longer to me). Dan is not in any of my childhood stories, and he’s only 9 years younger. The fact is, he was only 9 when I left for college. We didn’t hang out much back then. Imagine what it was like for Dad, who left home for college with a 5-year-old sister.

7) “Open yourselves up to new or other things.” Uh. This sounds like what I’d say to you, but okay.

8) You could be a little nicer in your tone. I don’t think anybody was attacking you.

Patrick • 06/10/03 4:33 PM:

Commenting on the Logo site: “At LogoBob, our basic tenet is to take some form of a circle, or a half-circle, or a sphere, with some shadow of some sort, and then add some letters to it, preferably to the right of it, preferably your company name. Then we’re done! If we can’t use a circle, we’ll try some sketchy lines, often with a circle on top to give the idea of a human being.”

By the way, your second link goes to logo-design99 while your first link goes to logodesign99. They’re two different sites.

Dan • 06/10/03 4:55 PM:

SPEAKING of logos,

hey man, you don’t remember me at all? we did NOTHING worthy of a story to tell your children? i am crushed. what about the time when you were in memorial and i peed in my pants? that was great (just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it isn’t true). what about when steve kaiser stepped on your face during midnight owl and i CRIED for you, man? huh? what about THAT? what about when you and i lost to roman bulawski in the 4th of july vball tournament? remember that red baden ball? let me tell you, that memory is priceless to me, man. especially when i think of troy wesellius digging into the raw meat with his bare hands to make a hamburger. pure joy there. what about when you and joe ziolkowski were throwing my koosh ball from the sidewalk and trying to land it in the basketball post (not the rim, the POST)? i hate you for that. what about when you would let meghan out without a leash and close the door and say “hey daaaan! we let the dog out! she’s gonna run away!” and i would come flying out of the family room and sprint outside to get her so she wouldn’t run away? i’ll never forgive you for that (sister and other brother, i won’t forget either of you doing that either). so much for being 9 years younger than you. i can jump over a 4-foot fence more times in 30 seconds than you will ever be able to.

Dan • 06/10/03 5:01 PM:

ah! more logos! check this page out, go to the bottom, and click on any of the 31 logos. they’re super. lots and lots of logos!

Patrick • 06/10/03 5:28 PM:

Dan, I can respect your need to be funny and all, but if I may be serious for a moment, those are events from your childhood, not mine. I do remember them (though I had lost the memory of Troy’s hands in the hamburger). And if we thought real hard, we could remember some times from my childhood where you took part, but not too many. I remember when you split your head open on the fireplace in Whippany, for instance, and I remember when you were born, but those are not “stories” of things that happened to me so much. That was my point, and a minor one at that. Okay, we can go back to being funny now.

Dad • 06/10/03 6:07 PM:

Jeez, all these comments on the wrong entry. How is Kathleen even going to find them? Or anyone else for that matter. Patrick is right about Lynne not being in my childhood stories because she is 13 years younger. Of course, Kathleen is probably right about her not wanting to do those things too! In my day, of course, boys were boys and girls were girls and political correctness hadn’t been invented yet.

So far as Kathleen is concerned, I always though she was a great writer. I remember her working harder than anyone on her essays for Mrs. Gooshzoh. Also, I like to here about events too. The very first entry I made in this site talked about telling stories and how that’s always so compelling. We have gotten off a little on the intellectual side lately, I suppose, but that’s not because it was forced or anything. Lately, my stories aren’t that interesting, frankly, unless you want to hear about how I messed up my golf game and lost a lot of balls yesterday. Often, I get ideas out of everyday (Patrick would say quotidian) events and I like to share them to see if anyone else has them, or has different ones, or wants to give me an opposing view. Often, too, there are ideas that have been kicking around my head for most of my life that I still haven’t figured out or properly formulated. You’re going to hear them here, and you have the option of not commenting and hoping I get the hint (I probably won’t).

As for time, yes it does take time, but taking the time forces us to bake our “half-baked” ideas a little longer. It also gives us an opportunity to pick some of the hairs out of our “hair-brained” schemes.

Patrick • 06/10/03 6:28 PM:

Dad, I love you and all, but this is the second time you spelled hear wrong (I corrected the first one), and one more and you’re out. As for being under the wrong entry, we’ll have to remember that to find these years from now when the whole situation is straightened out and we look back on and laugh at this.

Kathleen • 06/12/03 2:21 PM:

So, I’m going to try to figure out how to categorize my newest entry so Patrick doesn’t feel frustrated. Look out, here it comes!

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