Anyway, Dad was talking about how Dan did a good impersonation of Neil Diamond live. Then we were talking about how Dan is a “fortunate son.” Since Dad had accused me of subconsciously lifting the phrase “twice as better” (as in “Mile Run: Two Miles” is twice as better than “Mile Run: One Mile,” which is still funny but in a redundant, duh, kind of way) from a song (Nashville Cats) by The Lovin’ Spoonful, I accused him of plagiarizing Creedence Clearwater Revival, which he was sort of doing, but not exactly, since the phrase is not unique to them. (I’ve since Googled the phrase “twice as better” and found 775 pages that use it, some which appear to have been written by foreigners, but some which appear to have been written with tongue in cheek in yet another incident of Independent Redundancy!) Then, after a challenge to speak/sing in a raspy falsetto drawl, Dad sang out some Neil Diamond in a John Fogerty voice (the man once sued for plagiarizing himself! See how it all comes back around?), which got us to Dan should really record some of his impersonations for this site. And he should really do John Fogerty sings Neil Diamond live. Whadayasay, Dan? Then we could have a game where you impersonate one singer singing another’s songs. We’ve done similar things already (Dan especially).

For what it’s worth, before I started, I was thinking about writing about why you can sing like Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon, but not like Bono from U2. Both sing in a high tenor range, but Hoon is doable. Maybe because he’s in a falsetto and Bono is not? I dunno. You can also sing Azl Rose sort of stuff, but not Robert Plant. Go figure.

PatrickConnections06/15/03 5 comments


Dan • 06/16/03 12:52 AM:

this is weird. i wrote the word “doable” today and laughed at how weird it looked. actually, i wrote it right before writing this comment.

i listened to heartbreaker (zeppelin song) on thursday and realized how impossible it is to sing like robert plant. can you say “baby, you need kool-aid. baby, i ain’t fool-aid.”?

about shannon hoon: he isn’t as impossible as bono, no, but i think the only thing that can truly (or “truely,” as i’ve seen it spelled by the morons of the earth) sing like hoon is anthony rosania’s laugh. think about it. both sounds are sort of whiney. if rosania’s laugh could sing a good falsetto, it would sing in a blind melon cover band. i swear.

i bet ethel murman singing the star spangled banner could crack the top 40…and what about a sweet, somber version of Hello Again LIVE? think: neil diamond eating the heads of children WHILE singing! yum!

i can hardly picture myself sitting at a computer singing into a microphone in a ND computer lab. i did, however, hear the riley hall janitor BELTING out the star spangled banner at 4:30 in the morning from down the hall. it was amazing. it was also a bit unexpected. it turns out, he sings the anthem before a lot of ND sporting events! yes! maybe we’ll duet.

AZL rose? abbreviation for gargamel’s cat? i can do a mean axl, man. mean.

you could be mine, but you’re way out of line.

Patrick • 06/16/03 1:07 AM:

“Rosania’s Laugh” would be a good name for a band anyway.

Patrick • 06/16/03 8:55 AM:

By the way, now when I went back to clarify something in my post, I had to leave “Azl” because Dan referenced it in his comment. I guess you always have to live with your past mistakes. Also, Dan, find somebody with a computer and mic and go! But also get some sound compression software so you’re posting a mono (not stereo), low-quality MP3 if you do this. For instance, the version of Panis Angelicus that I put up on this site is only 1.1 MB. It could have easily been four times that (usually MP3s are one megabyte per minute). But the original sound quality is not too good (because it’s from a scratchy record) and I wanted to optimize for a fast download. I don’t think you can tell the difference. So anyway, compress a lot to get a small file size.

Patrick • 06/20/03 12:18 PM:

By the way, I just thought I’d mention that this is why conversation is so fascinating. It is fluid and funny and when we try to reconstruct it, it’s mysterious. How did we get to talking about ___? What was it that we were laughing so much about? And even if we have a stenographer and a transcript, we lose some of the vivacity of the conversation when we read it later. (I think we lose in the translation into writing and in the loss of the moment.) I wonder if things can ever get better. I bet they can. When you remember fondly the sufferings of your past. So keep posting these conversation highlights. It’s good for the memories.

Dan • 11/30/03 9:31 PM:

Yes, it is good for the memories, but, speaking of memories (and commas), did anyone remember this post, where Neil Diamond was first mentioned? I didn’t.

I forgot to mention that Anthony Rosania was the volleyball coach of my friend at ND (when she was in HS).

I’m right on top of the Neil Diamond impressions. Let me quick run and get a microphone.

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