Mile Run/New Macs

i have a picture of mile run, 2 miles. it’s great. unfortunately, no freaking scanners at this university work. that’s right. there are no scanners on PCs and the scanners have not been connected to the new macs. i’m mad. i can’t even log into most of the new macs. why? i have no idea. there are no zip drives on the new macs also. here is why this is a problem: every design student has ALL his/her stuff on many zip disks, including me. i cannot access any of my work.

here’s my biggest problem with the new macs:
they all are hooked up to really nice flatscreen monitors. the decision-makers have decided that to save room (there is on need to save room. there is enough.) they will put the cpu BEHIND the flatscreens. the reason, at least for me (and i am right), to have a flatscreen is to have room to be able to push it back on the desk so you aren’t stuck staring at it from 5 inches away. now, because the freaking cpu is behind the monitor, this means the monitors are STILL 5 inches away from your face when you sit down. at least with this new tabletop-space galore i can put my bookbag on one side of the monitor and the world’s largest book on the other.

DanNews06/21/03 2 comments


Dad • 06/21/03 10:45 AM:

see? you should have scanned it in here and emailed it to yourself. Of course, I have all the other pictures from Aunt Mary’s roll, so let me know if I should scan in any of them.

Patrick • 06/26/03 10:20 AM:

Have you resolved this yet? I imagine that there are some computer services people there? How about going to a staffed computer lab? Get this going, duud!

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