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Apple has just unveiled their new G5 processor (created in conjunction with IBM). I’m salivating (and hurting, because the top-o-the-line model costs $3000). Check out the world’s fastest personal computer.

PatrickNews06/25/03 2 comments


David • 06/26/03 12:21 PM:

That is amazing. Question: after owning a mac for some time, is there any reason to buy PC? or should we all switch to macs?

Also, I’m ready to make contributions again to the site. What’s the best way for me to go about reading all the entries I’ve missed? Should I click on all the dates when stuff was posted? Is there a chronological listing by title?

Patrick • 06/27/03 6:11 AM:

I like my Mac. I had a problem with it once, when it was still under warranty, and I got it fixed (the RAM card went bad, the authorized Ohio U computer folks switched it out and put in a new one, free of charge). Otherwise, I dig it in many ways, including in the “makes using a computer feel cool” way, which is not exactly quantitative, but still important. Except for the time I had that RAM problem, the computer has never crashed. The biggest downside to a Mac is its cost. Oh, the best thing about it may be all the included software, which, among many things, lets you be an amateur filmmaker. I will be posting a couple of new short clips of the kids soon. I dunno. I’d say that if you want to start doing some heavy graphics stuff, or movie making, then a Mac might be worth its price. If you’re just doing word processing, power pointing, and internet, probably not. PCs are much less expensive.

To read all the entries you’ve missed, click on the Month archive for June 2003 and read from wherever you left off.

By the way, I’m reworking the site design to be standards-compliant in CSS and XHTML. That will also mean I design the interior pages and set up image posting for everyone. It’s coming.

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