Hi and Lois and Apple

Some recent revelations, connections in my brain of things that have been there all along, one independent, one read:

After watching an episode of Malcolm in the Middle, I got to thinking about the parents’ names, Hal and Lois, then I thought of the cartoon strip Hi and Lois, and then I thought, Hey! Hi(gh) and Low-is! Wow! Just thought you’d like to know that, if you haven’t figured it out already.

Then, when I was reading a NYT book review on a new advertising encyclopedia, I learned:

Think, for example of the famous 1984 television ad for Apple Computer in which a marathoner single-handedly shatters the tyrannical uniformity of a Big Brotheresque universe. It captured something of the nervy countercultural ambitions of Apple in going after I.B.M. The company’s trademark of the classic forbidden fruit was also a proclamation of eye-opening knowledge, its pictured bite not leading to an exile from Eden but to a promise of Eden’s renewal. This ad offered, in its serpentine way, a form of knowledge: it accurately dramatized something about style and function, and that led to sales.

So enjoy this possibly new, very important information that I’ve recently connected in my brain.

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Dad • 07/28/03 11:09 PM:

I too, had a day, many years ago, when the “Hi and Lois” connection occurred to me. It has also occurred to me that this cartoon could also dramatize the “highs and lows” of marriage and family life. What the connection is to the Apple computer ad I have no idea.

Patrick • 07/29/03 10:36 AM:

Yeah, that’s what I meant about Hi and Lois. The Apple thing was unconnected to Hi and Lois. It was just another interesting “connection” that I made, not by thinking it out myself, but by reading it. Instead of using two entries, I put them together.

Dan • 07/29/03 4:51 PM:

hi and lois is one of those cartoons that you read every time but it’s never been funny, but you don’t hate it, you know? it’s like Tiger or whatever that one is with the kids always in treehouses or something (not calvin & hobbes) and it’s never funny but it’s short so you read it and don’t hate it.

what i want to know is, what is UP with “they’ll do it every time?”

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