Ian Frazier on Iraq

Remember Dad’s entry on Iraq and the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction? I sure do. Today I read an article/humor piece by Ian Frazier sort of on that same subject. It’s called We Report, You Decide. I laughed out loud at parts (though it kind of peters out at the end). While you’re at it, you should also read his piece All-consuming Patriotism, on a similar note (but the right mixture of humorous/serious, and with a punch). A quick search on the Mother Jones site will get you more if his articles if you’re interested.

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Dad • 07/29/03 10:05 AM:

Speaking of WMD, check out this site and read carefully.

Patrick • 07/29/03 10:34 AM:

Very funny indeed. But 1. It should have its own domain name (like, and 2. It shouldn’t open up a stupid full-screen online casino window when you leave.

AJ • 09/10/04 6:30 PM:

Man, your links never work. Those articles are temporary I guess?

AJ • 09/10/04 6:47 PM:

I found the articles, but they didn’t even make me smile. Weird how humor is, huh? A professor in college once said nobody can make another person laugh. You can probably force them to cry, and make them angry, but making them laugh isn’t so easy, I guess.

Anyway, the metaphors seemed forced and the opinions not subtley covered by facts or logical reasoning. That’s going to make it really not funny for a really long time if I’m reading it.

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