Germy Halcote

As part of our family comedy therapy I offer everybody one of the funniest pieces I’ve read in a long time. The Onion is where you can check out a story about a gross fourth grader named Jeremy Halcote. Enjoy!

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Kathleen • 09/10/03 2:29 AM:

Where? I found the link but no Germy Halcote. I put it into a search. Help, please.

David • 09/10/03 9:52 AM:

Go to the link (it’s expired because there’s a new issue). Then at the top right part click on “last issue” and then it’s the second article from the top under “headlines” or something like that.

Did anybody else read it?

Dan • 09/10/03 11:47 AM:

i read it. it was ok.

did i ever mention that Joe Garden, one of The Onion’s writers, spoke at ND for the sophomore literary festival? he wasn’t that good.

you want a good article? check this out.

David • 09/10/03 12:07 PM:

That was at best mildly funny and borderline good. Not once did I even smile. Seriously, you can’t think it was better than the fourth grade one. THAT was hilarious. Everybody in the office, including me, LOLed numerous times. My advice, get your humor straight.

Dan • 09/10/03 12:29 PM:

of course you were rolling and LOLing. you’re teachers.


rappers=icons of popular culture

get your stuff straightened out, then talk to me. don’t bother coming home until then. but straighten it out before dark, because i want to play volleyball.

Patrick • 09/11/03 10:48 AM:

I like the Rappers one better. I think it sustains its one-trick better. The Germy piece is funny but then it drags on and keeps telling you the same thing. I laughes pretty hard with the one Dan linked to.

David • 09/11/03 11:34 AM:

What’s happened to you Pat?

I hope Dan paid you handsomely for your comments. I guess you two are just examples of the ‘nature’ argument for development of the human sense of humor. You must’ve gotten the other genes, the non-funny allele. That’s okay though. I still love you, and I’m not one for genetic discrimination.

You wanna talk about dragging on? What’s funny about simply and boringly (?) writing down the names of every rapper in history? The answer: not much at all. You couldn’t have been more accurate in your description of “one-trick”. In your defense, I’ll add, as Dan pointed out, the picture of God was funny.

Hello? rest of the family, weigh in!

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