Back in the [Athens] Groove

This is just to say that we’re back in Athens, Ohio, please send unpacking help. We had an adventurous return (I say we, but I mean Karina and the kids did). Because my ticket was paid for by Fulbright, I had to fly on a US airline, which, in my case, meant United. But because we had to pay for Karina and the kids, and because United was a tad expensive, they all flew on an earlier flight with LanChile (poor Karina: two kids and six monster suitcases to handle). When I got home to Newark, Mom told me Karina’s flight was delayed. When Dad finally brought her and the kids home (from JFK), she told us why. There was a possibly drunk/high guy on her flight leaving Peru who apparently gave the stewardess a hard time about something, so they emergency-landed the plane in Ecuador, removed him from the plane, and sat there for three hours (everybody else still on the plane). That meant 16 total hours inside the plane. But the kids did well and we had a nice day or so visiting Mom and Dad before we drove back to Athens. If you’re interested in contacting us,

Our address is the same as it was before (and they never rented out the place while we were gone): 1108 Carriage Hill Drive, Athens, Ohio 45701. And our phone number is (740) 593-6290.

Pato is in Kindergarten already (yesterday was his first day; he said he liked it), and Adriana is staying home with Karina. We’re trying to see if there’s a pre-school for her, but we’re not having too much luck so far. I’m working mornings 8-11 in the computer lab, and then I’ll have the rest of the day for writing (but not yet; now the rest of the day is for unpacking). And Karina is holding down the fort. We’ll get her to a doctor soon for a checkup on the new baby. We love you all. Give us a ring.

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