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Here’s a neat site for checking out political cartoons. I first saw it when MSN linked it to a story about Cubs fan (and Notre Dame graduate) Steve Bartman, who interferred with the foul ball that Moises Alou might have been able to catch. There were lots of cartoons in which he played a central role (see BASEBALL PLAYOFFS 2003!).

The site has lots of other cartoons on a huge range of subjects. Paging through it is like a quick review of modern cultural history. Fun to see how these guys distill the issues down to an essential point (like it or not) that fits into one illustration.

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David • 10/23/03 12:23 PM:

Nice work Dad. I love that site. Those cartoons are great - the best part is that he’s got his walkman on in almost all of them. I’m pretty sure that had he not been wearing that old walkman he wouldn’t have gotten half the flack. Really.

I used to use this site in science class when talking about genetics and environmental issues. yup.

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