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Hello, everybody. This Halloween season I had no homework, no job, and some money. This combination led to me creating the greatest Halloween costume of my career, the Karate Kid Daniel LaRusso Shower costume that he wears to the party and proceeds to put a hose above Johnny in a bathroom stall and turn on the faucet and run away only to get caught by the Cobra Kai while trying to scale a high fence. Then Mr. Miyagi comes and saves the day. I am going to create a documentary on the making of this costume. It was truly a work of art. Pictures are available here. Oh, and I went to Notre Dame this weekend. Last year’s roommates are the other guys in the pictures.

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Katie Hakenewerth • 11/03/03 7:34 AM:


That is the most beautiful costume ever. Thank you for making my day better :-)

Patrick • 11/03/03 8:41 AM:

I agree that your costume is fantastic. It’s a meta-Halloween-costume: a Halloween costume about a Halloween costume. What’s weird about it is that where many Halloween costumes suffer from being borrowed from a movie (how many Scream-Mensch grim-reapers can we take?), indeed, the whole Halloween-costume-industry is inundated with movie-themed costumes, such that we barely see any witches and vampires and cetera any more, your costume inverts that paradigm: it is infinitely better because of its source. And there’s a conflict of originality: you didn’t invent the costume ex nihilo, you got it from the Karate Kid. But it seems to me very original that you would have thought to copy that costume from the movie. So, unlike most movie-copies, your costume gains big points from its reference. It’s much better than it would have been without the movie. All of which is just a roundabout, overanalyzed way of saying: way, way cool.

Did people know what you were dressed up as? Did they figure it out? I think you should have had your friends dress up as skeletons though.

Dan • 11/03/03 10:05 AM:

Hakenewerth is my design friend from ND. I’m glad she saw my costume.

How about Buzz Lightyear, too? And the upside-down clown is amazing when his shoes are on his hands, not his feet. I wish William Wallace was in the front, not “Hoopy the stupid Prisoner”. I thought of the “I’m Stupid (arrow to the right/left)” t-shirt too.

Dave wants a shout-out for going to Home Depot with me to figure out how to get the halo to stay above my head. Turns out, all we bought were plants for him and I carried one home. He also (angrily) helped me measure spots on the wooden board where I attached the pipe to my back and stuff. It would have been nearly impossible to make this without someone’s help.

I can’t wait to make this online documentary. It’s going to be great.

Way more people were shouting things like Daniel LaRusso! and Hey Karate Kid

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