Orson Scott Card on Song Sharing

Orson Scott Card is a Mormon science fiction writer. I’ve read and enjoyed some of his books. He wrote a pretty intelligent article on Internet music sharing recently.

PatrickStuffs11/03/03 3 comments


Dan • 11/03/03 11:51 AM:

Holy Name, Patman. Orson Scott Card? Woah.

How about the Non-Expert’s related article, Fade-out Songs. This is funny.

AJ • 11/03/03 12:36 PM:

Great article. Funny name.

Dad • 11/03/03 10:10 PM:

Orson’s article is a great one. So logical and intelligent. I hated music execs before, but now I really detest them. (Doesn’t “detest” sound worse than hate? I think it’s because hate is over used.)

I don’t download music, or even much listen to it anymore. The marketeers of music ignore me. That’s the way I like it.

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