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Blogging can be a great marketing tool. runs one of the most well-known weblogs around, and they’re an ad agency (and they have 2 ND grad writers working for them, and I met with Jim Coudal about their firm when I was interviewing for jobs. He made it very clear that he wasn’t hiring anybody, including magnificent me). Why would an ad agency want to blog, to fill their website with typical blog stuff? Well, they don’t. They link to other websites, art and photography related sites, humor sites, writings online, and other pop and design culture items. This gets them tons of traffic to their website, and that’s not bad. Lots of that traffic is potential clients. This summer I saw on their website a link to some conference they were putting on about blogging helping with business. I wonder what they talked about…

For more about this, read this.

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Dad • 11/12/03 4:22 PM:

Blogging is the new “word-of-mouth.” Advertisers have long realized that word of mouth is the best endorsement you can get. The internet just spreads if farther and faster (and I guess less reliably, but quantity trumps quality in this case). What I was reminded of as I read this, however, was a 60 minutes episode in which they highlighted a new marketing technique where advertisers hire people to pose as tourists and other “regular folks” and hawk their wares unawares. One approach was to hang out on the street and ask passersby to take you picture with a new digital tele-camera and see if you can engage them in a conversation about how cool it is. Another was to host a party where a new brand of vodka was featured, trying to subtly convince people it was better than Smirnoff’s. Thus, the set up has started to replace chance meeting, and “word of mouth” has become scripted. As we all know (or should know), what is popular with the fickle public has relatively little to do with quality or esthetics. I has to do with manipulation, one way or another.

Dan • 11/13/03 3:35 PM:

I totally forgot this: Coudal’s Blogging Works! website. It’s all about using blogs for business..

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