The Tords Reunite!

After a ten-year hiatus (time for marriage, children, school, and other pursuits), The Tords will reunite for a recording session or two this December. The Tords, Joseph Ziolkowski and Patrick Madden, began as an interstate collaboration after the two friends left their hometownship for college. Their first single, “Colored Chalk,” recorded during a weekend in Boston, was entered in a Berklee College of Music competition, but did not place. Undaunted, the two continued writing songs together, eventually recording a 5-or-6-song demo (called “ROYGBIV”) one full-mooned night in Joe’s basement in Cedar Knolls. Radio stations, fully co-opted by the corporate machine, failed to play the record, and no amount of call-in requests, angry letters, or 24-hour picketing by the band’s indignant fans could persuade them. With a major tour on the horizon, Pat opted to fulfill religious obligations in Uruguay, and thus was the dream dissolved. Soon both Tords married and had children, and their fruitful collaboration was relegated to the past.

Until now, that is…

This December, The Tords will reunite to record new original songs, at Joe’s new house, using his new recording studio. The Tords invite collaboration from musically inclined friends and family members. Write your own original song, bring it to the band for finishing-touch-type collaboration, and you, too, can hitch your wagon to this shooting star!

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Dan • 11/13/03 4:29 PM:

Do you mean to tell me that nobody has written a song about Madden diseases?

I should probably write one about Small TVs, considering I’m the only one who knows what that is, besides Jeff, who first proclaimed its health-pummeling capabilities.

Should “Diseases” be a new category? Or at least a post?

John • 03/01/04 3:29 PM:

Hello, Joe, this is John Wlaysewski , formally of Major Deagan. How are you.

A show in LA would like permission to use pieces of Upright from Crystal Method . The show is VIP access : Celebrities exposed. Classy…

Anyway please contact me with a contact number and we can get this song on Showtime for the summer of 2004… Hope you are well.

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