God’s Changing Teams

Here’s an at-times-funny article about God and Notre Dame Football. Very harsh, and very true. Have a read. It’s as funny as it is depressing.

DavidFunnies11/19/03 10 comments


Patrick • 11/21/03 11:12 AM:

Sorry, but I didn’t really think it was funny. I thought it fell on its face trying, and failing, to be funny. For a similar thing (in the biblical-language, not the ND-sports, sense) that really is funny, see Ian Frazier’s Laws Concerning Food and Drink; Household Principles; Lamentations of the Father. You can hear him read it out loud at the Prairie Home Companion site. (I’ve linked to the page that has a link to the Real Audio stream. Find it in the left column.) Man, this should be its own entry.

David • 11/21/03 12:03 PM:

So make it its own entry. I realize mine wasn’t very funny (as stated) - but I think still worth looking at. I’m a believer of re-entrysizing things, sometimes, like Frazier’s.

David • 11/21/03 12:18 PM:

That was funnier than the ND one - but not by that much. It was one of those deals where there is high potential, and it falls short. I liked the screaming part. It reminded me of Mom’s tuna casserole - behold, we ate it, yet did not die. Amazing!

Patrick • 11/21/03 1:08 PM:

Whoa! Please read both again and trust me that Ian Frazier’s is pretty much the opposite of the ND/God thing. It wins out on originality (who hasn’t joked about the ND/God connection?), linguistic parody (Frazier performs King James English flawlessly, except where he’s zinging with slang), universality (more people are parents than ND fans), and any number of other categories. The ND/God thing is a lame attempt at recycled humor, while Frazier’s is innovative genius. If you don’t see it, please pretend you do and save yourself the embarrassment.

David • 11/21/03 1:47 PM:

I was commenting only on how funny or not funny the articles are. I agreed completely that Frazier’s was funnier. Sure - it’s way more original and all those other fancy things you mentioned. But universality and linguistic parody and other categories don’t necessarily translate directly into humor. Sure, they’re correlated. I simply said that Frazier’s was funnier - with good times - and that it has a lot of untapped potential. ‘Innovative genius’ is going a bit far, at least in terms of comedic value. If I had known I was supposed comment on the english class quality of the pieces I would’ve done so. Humor is more basic - was it funny? did you laugh? See, simple. Oh yea, I didn’t say the two were the same, did I?

FYI. I just reread the ND one - and it gets worse on the second reading. I do like the trespassing part though.

Patrick • 11/22/03 3:45 PM:

Ok, you get it. But don’t misunderstand me. I don’t judge humor on English-class qualities. I judge it on whether it makes me laugh. But that’s such a subjective judgment, so I look for other more quantifiable subjudgments. The ND piece didn’t really make me laugh. It also didn’t meet any of those criteria.

Dan • 11/25/03 3:13 PM:

The Frazier piece is good. If one doesn’t find it funny, one must at least admit its wit and spot-on impression of the Bible. I thought it was funny, and maybe Dave felt its full humor potential went unrealized because there were parts in there that had to be in there to remain consistent with the pattern of the Old Testament. That I appreciated after a paragraph, and liked it more.

“What I do is as it must be; and you shall not go hence until I have done.”

Dave, did you read the whole thing?

David • 11/25/03 4:13 PM:

Oh, I was supposed to read the whole thing? Oops. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t very funny. I’m so silly.

Dan, the question is, did you read my comments? The ones where I said it was clever and well-written and original - but not very funny. I make my judgment based on the fact that I didn’t really laugh, although some parts were definitely good and humorous (I mentioned one above).

Oh wait again, I think I might change my mind - I do think it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read, because that’s what people want to hear, right?

Dad • 11/25/03 8:54 PM:

Want to know what’s really funny? The word “poopie.”

Dan • 11/25/03 9:10 PM:

Dad, did you just write that?

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