How Do You Learn?

I found an article about how children learn, which I thought would be interesting to those of us in the family who have children, or who someday plan to have some. (God help us…)

And yes, I’m back online for once! Life is good, thanks for asking. How are you?

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Patrick • 11/21/03 2:20 PM:

In order to avoid 1) copyright violations and 2) bad formatting, I’ve modified your post to link to the article in question. You probably read it on, but I linked to the somewhat more original version, at Scholastic. I’m leaving the copy-and-pasted version here for a little while so you can see how crappy it comes out when you just copy text from another web site and paste it in here. Notice all the ads and things. Admittedly, we’ve sometimes copy-and-pasted things to Maddenation in the past, but I don’t like doing it if we can avoid it. Dad has done it for New York Times articles that are only available for a short while (unless you pay a subscription). In any case, this one appears to be stable (it will stay up at Scholastic), so please don’t be mad that I’m cutting it off of here. And if you do ever need to cut and paste things, please be sure to do it neatly. Get rid of ads and bad formatting. Thanks!

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