I’m still writing my talk for Church tomorrow. Woe is me. I came across some interesting information, though. You know how you used to think that “Governor” Morris was the title of some guy, and then you found out that Gouverneur Morris was actually the guy who “wrote” (put quill to paper, but also helped craft) the Constitution?

Well I just found out that the Mayflower was to be accompanied by another ship called the Speedwell. The Speedwell was unseaworthy, though, and the ships went back to England twice before the Mayflower continued on alone.

So doesn’t that seem, within the context, like the likely origin for the name of Speedwell Avenue in Morristown? It may not be, but given what I know about Morristown, I can fill in the unknown and, with a high probability, learn something that I haven’t actually learned. That’s making connections. I love it.

PatrickConnections11/23/03 1 comments


Dan • 11/23/03 12:16 PM:

That’s your brain filling in the blanks. Pretty cool.

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