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Remember that guy who wrote a journal of everything he ever did? (Dad, if you still have the link, I’ll add it in here.) There’s also a guy who reads the New York Times cover to cover. He’s almost a year and a half behind.

PatrickStuffs11/26/03 5 comments


David • 12/01/03 2:28 PM:

Very interesting and very insane. Man o man. That guy definitely has some psychological disorder. I’d refer him to Oliver Sacks. The guy belongs in “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat”. He’s kinda neat too, I have to admit. And as always, thank goodness for single-minded people in the world (like the professor at ND who studied mosquitos - for his entire life!!). Anywho - what I’m trying to say is that I would do the same thing as the NYTimes dude, IF I could do it in 5 minutes.

Dan • 12/01/03 8:39 PM:

I’ll refrain from judging the guy by what is written in a short article. If mom or dad decided to do that when she/he was 79, I’d be ok with it, and I certainly wouldn’t diagnose him with a psychological disorder.

David • 12/02/03 1:37 PM:

Uh. The article states that he started this practice in 1975 - twenty eight years ago - when he was 52 or so. That’s quite different from doing it for just a year, or once you turned 79. And as for judging, even Jesus said it is okay to judge someone who has been doing crazy things, as long as he/she has been doing said crazy thing for longer than 25 years. (And our friend here qualifies by three years). The other reason you wouldn’t diagnose this guy is because you don’t have the extensive/thorough background in the psychological field of disorders and stuff, like I do. :)

AJ • 12/13/03 1:56 AM:

Psychological experience or not, I have to defend Dan on this one. It’s too short a reference to draw any conclusions.

I think maybe the guy has issues, but a psychological disorder? C’mon. It’s clearly not that for certain, and is obviously one of those instead.

I bet having a psychological disorder is awesome. In fact, I’m praying that I don’t have psychological order. That would probably mean someone could understand everything I do and thus conclude it’s safe to allow me to live without the use of any drugs or therapy. I would be A-OK. They could probably put a stamp on me GUARANTEED TO OPERATE AS EXPECTED FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, and boy do I hate having stamps on me.

AJ • 12/13/03 2:41 AM:

Speaking of psychological disorders, man do I have issues. Issues with A.D.D. Lots of them.

I’m pretty certain there is no such thing as A.D.D., and Iím annoyed at the very suggestion of its existence. Everyone has laps in concentration and to give people this excuse (_noun_) is to excuse (_verb_) them from trying to fix the problem. I get A.D.D. all the time, but I call it lack of sleep and poor eating.

Once I had tons of energy and just started doing all kinds of stuff around the apartment. Kathleen asked me if I had A.D.D. Holy cow. Talk about problems with ‘buzzwords’ and misuse of terminology. Donít want to? Thatís OK, I do. (At least in reference to this particular misappropriation.)

If I HAD anything it was the opposite of A.D.D. I was actually doing many things at one time. If there is a real A.D.D., I think it applies to behavior characterized by not being able to keep your attention on one thing and thus not being able to concentrate or focus on a task. This must certainly make it impossible to do several tasks, unless youíre A.D.D. worked something like a multi-tasking operating system. Of course, if that were the case I’d call it A.E.S. for Attention Efficiency Syndrome.

I was hyper, but maybe just well rested and enthusiastic or inspired.

Didn’t they used to call Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) S.T.U.P.I.D.? What did that stand for? Is it mean to call people with A.D.D. stupid? Of course it is. Itís exactly as mean as it is to call anyone stupid, Stoopid.

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