Stop Light

The new cold fusion? The most incredible experimental result in our lifetime? A doorway to new methods of computing? What else would you call the news that scientists have stopped light for a few hundred-thousandths of a second? We’ll see.

PatrickNews12/11/03 2 comments


David • 12/15/03 6:13 PM:

Hey! Cool new comments format. Bravo!

Now, to my comment. Very interesting idea and title and all that - however, how about some details CNN. I’m not saying I could understand the entire process used to ‘stop’ light, but I would at least like to know something about it. You know?

Also, another teacher here (after I showed them the printed-out article) said she had read about it ‘like a year ago’. I doubt it, seeing as this experiment is just now being published in Nature - I suppose she was referring to the other dudes who ‘slowed down’ light dramatically. Either way, How’d they do it?

Dad • 01/20/11 11:21 PM:

This link is no longer available, but I was thinking that by now, after slowing down and stopping light, somebody must have made it go backwards. Then I thought of a mirror.

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