Let the Punishment Fit the Crime?

Since this place is so dead lately, I figure it won’t hurt to post about a woman who, as part of her punishment (a rather light punishment, I thought) for drunk-drivingly, cell-phone-talkingly killing a man and putting his pregnant wife into a coma, is required to carry, for five years, a picture of the man she killed in his coffin. The article did not say whether she is required to look at the photo, or how often.

To get the conversation rolling (maybe): Part of me likes this unorthodox kind of punishment. I don’t know what drunk-driving punishments are usually, but it seems like this one was very light (only 30 days in jail) for taking someone’s life. I mean, it seems like we (society) are saying, “We’ve all been drunk before, and many of us have driven that way, and we were just lucky no one got in our way and got killed.” I guess it’s true that the woman did not kill the man on purpose. So it’s manslaughter, not murder. But still, her stupidity, poor judgment, what have you, killed that man.

So if you’re not going to lock this woman up for a long time (in a convent, better yet, where her daily routine and the sackcloth they’d give her to wear would force her to confront her actions and repent), then, yeah, make her carry a photo of the man she killed in his casket. Better yet, make her frame a large version and hang it over her television. Lest she forget.

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Dad • 01/14/04 5:01 PM:

I too think the punishment is light. It seems to me that this woman, while not necessarily guilty of willful neglect in the death of the victim, has certainly proven herself to be an unsafe driver. I think it would be perfectly reasonable to have her forfeit her driving privileges for a period of several years. This would get her off the road, send a message to others who drive inattentively, and over time convince us as a society that everyone tooling around in a two-ton vehicle is not such a good idea.

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