As way of an explanation, I just wanted to say I’m very busy lately. I promised Patrick I would check out the site, and so here I am. Unfortunately (fortunately, actually), it’s bedtime and I’m tired. I miss my family a little bit each day and hope we can get together again soon. I say we retire to … California? Even Pato and Adi can say that name now. Hope you’re surviving in the latest snow storm, ma and pa. I had to wear a sweater today :) Anyway, it’s good to be green.

KathleenExplanations01/29/04 1 comments


Dad • 02/04/04 5:34 PM:

Now if your governor could only pronounce California. Yes we survived the snow storm and are bracing for more snow/sleet (which they now call “winter mix.” Yes warm climate is good, but CA may be just too populated for me.

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