Phone tag

Tonight, we wanted to talk to Patrick and Karina because we still hadn’t finalized our plans to visit them for the kids birthdays. (The plan was to go to Ohio sometime between the Pato and Adi’s Birthdays and celebrate both at once.) Anyway, mom was downstairs calling their house on our cell phone, while I was upstairs doing invoices for my consulting work. The phone rang and when I answered, it was Patrick. Turns out he called here at exactly the same time mom called there. The phones rang sumultaneously, according to Patrick, who was listening to his cell and room phones.

Now, we normally consider these events as major coincidences. But is it so coincidental? Over time, we make many calls back and forth, and we do it within a limited time period, either to ensure that the family is home or to take advantage of lower cost calling. Safe to say, most of the calls are between 8 and 10 PM, a 120 minute period. And there may be considerable skewing toward the early part of this period. What I’m saying, and I know it takes the magic out of it, is that it may be fairly common to call at virtually the same time. If you’re off a little bit, then one person gets through first and the other says, “I was just going to call you.” Maybe it doesn’t require mental telepathy or karma.

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