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Artist's rendition of our houseFor the curious, I’d like to offer a virtual look at the house we bought in Utah. It’s in Lehi, which is about halfway between Provo (BYU) and Salt Lake City, about a half hour to each. Lehi is home to the Lehi Roller Mills, which are featured in the movie Footloose (so, does that mean that we’re now only one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon?). Our house is not yet built, but it will be done by the time we move in in June. It has 3038 finished square feet, no basement, four upstairs bedrooms, a downstairs den/guest bedroom, three full bathrooms, a big kitchen with an island, walk-in closets in all the rooms (including one you could sleep in for the master bedroom), and it’s on half an acre of land (albeit with power lines running over part of the property). You can see the floorplans for both the upper and lower floors. There is also a virtual tour of a model home built with the same plan as ours (note that the empty field in front of that home now is where the children’s elementary school is). But, of course, virtual tours are nothing like the real thing, so you’ll all have to come out and visit us soon (after June 21). Bring your work gloves. We won’t have a lawn, and Utah is desert. Anyway, we’re excited. This house is not so beautiful to look at from the outside, but it’s nice and big and has almost everything we wanted (except a porch). Wish us luck.

PatrickNews02/24/04 2 comments


Dan • 02/26/04 1:47 PM:

I see the picture you posted up top and wonder aloud, “Where the heck is the window that should be in that big blank spot just above the porch roof?” I guess you can’t have everything, but you do have window chilling flush-left with the house. Sorry. I had to…

I looked at the floor plans and the java virtual tour. The tour leaves you hanging, but it’s something. I really enjoyed looking at the floor plans. I’ve always loved looking at floor plans and maps and giant pictures of Whippany taken at 30,000 feet. Do you have to walk through your bathroom to get to the closet? I’m confused about the master bedroom. The toilet placement reminds me of the master bedroom in Louisiana. You should get a big black round tub to put in the middle of your huge bathroom so I can race RC boats around!

I wish you luck with this endeavor. Some day I will go there and visit you.

Dan • 02/26/04 1:48 PM:

Oh! And get me some Lehi Mills pancakes and brownies! OMG they look fabulous!

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