With a name like Smucker’s

You’ve heard it before: “With a name like Smucker’s, it has to be good.” I never really paid much attention to the slogan, but I guess I thought that it meant, simply, that Smucker’s jellies, jams, and preserves were good. Until last night. I caught the end of a commercial, and suddenly I realized that they were making fun of their company name, as in: obviously our name is not going to attract people to buy our products, so the contents of our jars has to be good enough to counteract the negative effects of having a name that sounds like a Yiddish insult (and approximates far fouler profanities).

Did everyone else know this already? Or have I enlightened you, too?

PatrickConnections02/24/04 6 comments


Dan • 02/24/04 10:25 AM:

Consider me enlightened. That makes sense now that you’ve made me think about it. It’s also strange, very strange.

Dad • 02/25/04 6:42 PM:

Consider me enlightened too. But I was enlightened before you pointed it out. No big deal.

Dan • 02/26/04 1:53 PM:

I just realized that Smucker’s is apostrophed. That means there’s someone out there with the name “Smucker,” which I think is much worse than “Smuckers,” which would make the company “Smuckers’s.” I’d like to see that.

By the way, there is a store down the street from me that is called Gus’s Store (I can’t remember the actual name, I just remember the “Gus’s” part). That takes some guts to put “s’s” in your store name.

Patrick • 02/26/04 3:41 PM:

According to the surname commonality website at PBS, “Smucker is surname number 22,262 in the USA.

Dad • 02/27/04 7:09 AM:

You’ve heard of the Smuthers brothers, right? This is what I got from the commonality website: Smuthers, as a surname, does not exist in this database, because it is not among the top 55,000 most common names in the US.

Patrick • 02/27/04 8:17 AM:

Ah, but Smothers is surname number 4063 in the USA.

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