Me and Che

Me and CheDon’t I sort of look like Che in this picture? And while I’m trying to fill space around the picture, here are some other people I kind of look like (in no particular order, and according to other people): Jeffrey Dahmer, David Pirner (Soul Asylum singer), John Schneider (Bo Duke), Russell Crowe, Dolph Lundgren (Ivan Drago). Who else? Any suggestions?

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Dad • 03/06/04 11:22 PM:

I think you may look like either Starsky or Hutch, whichever one is the blond. This is not the same as looking like Owen Wilson, although that’s a possibility, except for the nose. (What is wrong with Owen Wilson’s nose, anyway?)

I have been told I look like Larry Czonka, Alex Karras, and Muhammad Ali (except for the complexion).

David • 03/07/04 12:34 AM:

Hutch (short for Hutchinson) is the blond. And nope, Pat doesn’t look like him, or any of them other dudes, except Dahmer. And of course, Batman.

In my entire life I have only once been told that I look like someone else. I must be pretty original, eh? Some people say, because I’m bald, that in the movie about my life, I should be played by Ed Harris.

I think you could take a better, more-Che-looking, photo of yourself. You’ll need a little tilt and a far-off gaze.

Patrick • 03/07/04 2:33 PM:

Sure, I could get a better Che-looking picture if I wanted to, but I wasn’t trying to with this picture. I just noticed it yesterday. And I don’t think I look like Che normally, just in this picture. Sheesh.

Anita • 03/07/04 10:48 PM:

Is this a family blog I’ve stumbled upon in my search for One Hundred Years of Solitude (the google search that brought me here)? Do you get many non-family members leaving comments?

Patrick • 03/07/04 11:29 PM:

Yep, this is a family blog, but we’re a pretty freindly family anyway. We don’t get too many comments from beyond our ranks, but when we do we are usually flattered (even when one guy called this “the most retarted [sic] site in the world”). In any case, we’re happy to have others visit and comment.

David • 03/27/04 8:27 PM:

Pat told me to write in that Dad looks like Gordon from Sesame Street - I agree. I also forgot to mention that I think Dan looks like Sam Cassell.

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