Feeling Badly

A friend of mine from Church heard an NPR commentary on people overcompensating with adverbs (in this case, saying I feel badly) and immediately thought of me. I, in turn, immediately thought I’d share with you.

By the way, I’m considering making a new category called “links” or just redefining the “recommendations” category to be just these kind of short links to other sites. Then, I could slip that category into the sidebar or something. Some other sites that do something similar are Airbag, Zeldman, and Kottke (he does his inline, not off to the side). Dan and I regularly get links for Maddenation from these and other sites that do the same sort of “link recommendation” thing (Coudal does only that, sort of).

I am open to suggestiones.

PatrickRecommendations03/08/04 2 comments


David • 03/09/04 10:06 PM:

Hey, I heard that NPR piece too. I liked it a lot - very well done and crafty. I thought of you too, Pat. Only, I guess I forgot to tell you about it.

Patrick • 07/30/05 1:00 PM:

By the way, Maggie Balistieri, author of the piece, has posted its transcript (is it a transcript if it was first written to be read and then read aloud on the radio second?) on her website. She has some other interesting posts, too, for instance, Miss Pronounciation and something about Bush tending to suck

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