Mom & Leftovers

Here’s all that needs to be said (read) about house cleaning, leftovers, and the like, by Dave Barry. Someone in the story sounds a bit like Mom. I love you Mom!

DavidFunnies03/14/04 1 comments


Dad • 03/20/04 10:16 AM:

We keep leftovers because growing up we were always told about the starving people in China. (You may insert your favorite starving country in here, as the cultural revolution has apparently taken China off the “inadequately nurished” list. However, it seems to me that, aside from Budha, you don’t see many fat Chinese.) Given that people were (and are) starving somewhere else, it seems egregious to throw away food here. If we eat leftovers, then there’s more food in the world that can be sent to Somolian war lords.

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