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We need more “stories” so here’s a short one. Dan and I were talking last night and he mentioned the possibility of making 3-D photographs over the Easter holiday. He said he had an assignment for me that I needed to start before he got here. “I need you to make some sort of platform that fits on top of a tripod that we can level so we can slide a camara sideways a few inches to take two pictures of the same scene from slightly different angles,” he said. (OK, I took some non-fiction writer’s license here. Dan can tell you what he really said if he remembers it.)

Now here’s the funny part. I replied, with no hint of sarcasm, “I think I already made that part.” Then we both laughed at this seemingly outrageous claim. But I had indeed already made the part, and I presently went out to the garage and found it. It was made for another purpose, of course, about 10 years ago, and now has Dan’s old broken telescope attached to it. But it will serve our current needs well.

So the lesson for all of us is, never throw anything away. You might need it later.

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Patrick • 04/08/04 12:27 PM:

Yeah, but what you didn’t already make is my Jeopardy buzzer system for me to use in class for quizzes and stuff. Come on, Dad! Get crackin’!

Patrick • 04/10/04 12:09 PM:

For what it’s worth, I just got a letter addressed to “Patrick C. Madden 3D.”

Patrick • 08/23/07 11:06 AM:

The other question is if you still have that disposable 3D camera that I bought years ago, thinking it was so cool, until I couldn’t find enough stuff that I wanted to photograph in 3D and eventually lost interest…

Dad • 08/23/07 8:01 PM:

That reminds me of the time one of us (was it you or me?) got a letter addressed to “Mr. Ii” or “Mr. Iii.”

Regarding the 3D camera: Huh?

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