Worst Songs Ever

Not that we should take their word for it, but Blender Magazine has compiled a list of the 50 worst songs ever. Their web site only lets you see 41-50, but CNN has spilled the beans that “We Built This City” by Starship is number 1. I’m inclined to agree with that. Note, also, that there will be a VH1 show on the subject.

PatrickRecommendations04/24/04 1 comments


Dad • 04/24/04 5:12 PM:

As usual, a list like this begs the question, “Sez who?” I’ve already told you, the worst song of all time is “Those two brown eyes” by some group I don’t remember. It was probably out sometime around 1960.

I’ve looked briefly at the list and, to the extent I know the songs, think it’s way off the mark. Is “Blender” mag published in the east? I think most of the music played on the east coast is bad, so obviously nobody out here knows what bad or good is. Anyway, doing a list like this is so subjective I don’t believe anything credible can realistically be done.

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