My Karate Kid Shower

My Karate Kid Shower has been posted all over the internet, following my buddy Armin Vit’s link to it while a guest editor of Coudal’s website (Hi Jim).

People are loving this thing. In one week I’ve received over 20 emails. Some quotes from those emails:

“wow. the karate kid shower was the best.thing. Ever.” “Great costume, Dan! Your attention to detail was key.”
“Brilliant.  I love it.” (from a girl who works for Guster)
“Possibly the coolest thing ever.”

and my favorite (it took me a second to realize how complimentary this one was, but you might want to rewatch the movie to get it):

“If I had a medal from the Korean War, I’d send it to you.  Or if I had a kimono that my wife had made me about 50 hundred years ago, I’d send it to you and maybe get you to tie some queer headband thing around your head so that your bangs were all in your eyes.”

So I’ve created a hit within the blogosphere. You wanna know what sites have featured me? Just Google ‘karate+kid+costume’ and you’ll get 3 pages worth of sites I’m on. If you can’t immediately find me, just do a ctrl+f find for “shower”. Some sites even let you comment. I added a few of my own. Enjoy.

It’s interesting to note that only females have emailed me about my costume. Hey. That ain’t a bad thing, I guess.

DanFunnies05/13/04 2 comments


Patrick • 05/14/04 11:22 PM:

Congratulations, Dan! It’s cool that your crazy idea (and dedication to doing it well) has brought you this small measure of blogofame! May it lead you to bigger and better things!

Kathleen • 05/23/04 10:24 AM:

That’s WAY cool, Danny. Speaking of internet fame (or not), I’m now #16 on the list of Kathleen Maddens on google. Not too bad, since there’s some famous model from Germany who stole my name. By the way, it’s because I’m listed on the avp site — something I hope to soon find David and Danny on (hint - hint).

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