We’re Back

Whoa! I get back from Ohio after Pat’s graduation and find a blank blog! That should never happen. So here’s a quick entry to chew on while you get your lives back together.

We finished loading the truck at about noon, and got on the road about 12:30; Patrick and Karina heading west, Mom and I heading east. The truck was chock-a-block full (as you know). I spent the last few minutes rearranging chairs and boxes so we could fit in the hand truck and other last-minute items. We closed and locked the tail gate, then discovered one last thing to slip in—the plastic mat that had lain under the kitchen table. There was just enough room to slip this quarter-inch thick item between the cargo and the door.

The trip back was relatively uneventful; the way we like it. I slept some, mom slept some, and we cruised in about 9:30. Not bad for baby boomers. We even stopped to eat at a KFC. Along the way we talked about philosophy, theology, and the art of raising children. While mom dozed, I thought about making a difference in the world. Starting day after tomorrow.

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