We Made It

Everybody knows this already, because we’ve talked on the phone, but something in me feels like we’re not really here until the blog says we are. Some strange effect of reading too much Latin American literature, I guess.

In any case, we arrived in Utah without a hitch (and by that I mean two things: no unsurmountable difficulties, and we didn’t have to rent an extra trailer to haul behind the moving truck, though at one point I thought we would have to) and moved into our new house on Wednesday, June 16. It’s a big place without much furniture. We like it. We haven’t even really have to have our air conditioning running much of the time (very different from Ohio, where we needed AC but didn’t have it).

We’ve bought some lights and blinds, and I’ve begun teaching an introductory creative writing class at BYU. We’ve joined the town pool, and the kids play with our next-door neighbor Brandon (who’s six). We’ve seen some friends from Ohio and Uruguay, though there are still others we have yet to see. Kathleen came to visit us recently, and we visited Antelope Island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. We’re having a pretty good time. We just wish we had a lawn already (and some nice furniture and artwork to hang around our house for decoration). We don’t yet have a grill. School is going well. We finally have internet access at home, so things are looking up. I don’t know what else to tell you.

PatrickNews06/30/04 2 comments


Dad • 07/02/04 10:18 PM:

OK, don’t leave me hanging. How did the antelope get there? Do they ever leave? If they swim to shore, how do they get the salt out of their fur?

Patrick • 07/03/04 10:51 AM:

I am not sure how the antelope got on the island. They may have walked there when the lake was low at some point. The bison on the island (about 600) were brought over 100 years ago (well, 12 of their ancestors were). It’s a big enough island (28,022 acres) to support its own ecosystem. Other big mammals there include bighorn sheep, mule deer, and coyotes. Plus lots of smaller stuff like skunks and badgers and tons of birds (who have no problem getting there and back). As for the bison, some of them are sold off every year to keep the herd stable. I don’t know about the other animals though. You can read more about the island if you want to.

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