The Church of Wal-Mart?

I just saw a commercial in which a family is stranded on the highway when their minivan hits a deer and then bursts into flames. They are rescued by a young man who stops, offers to let them stay the night, and buys them dinner. Up to this point, one thinks that this is a commercial for insurance or for the LDS Church or something. But no. “At Wal-Mart, we’re taught to always do the right thing,” the young man says to a backdrop of a dusk-time Wal-Mart building, just before the voiceover gives his name and position at Wal-Mart, for authenticity’s sake.


PatrickObservations08/20/04 1 comments


Kathleen • 08/21/04 2:38 AM:

I have heard that walmart uses something equivalent to slave labor to manufacture their products. This is just from conversations with others and I don’t remember the source exactly. I think Tristan said it and he avoids shopping there because of that. Perhaps they also are starting to realize that a lot of people dislike the traffic that gets worse because of new stores, and the fact that they’re putting other, smaller businesses out of business. Perhaps they want everyone to like them and think that walmart is a good place, even they’re just like another company that is trying to make money. Just an opinion…

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