Hey, yo. I’d like to know what the plans are for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m proposing that we perhaps go to Utah, skip the presents, and all go skiing. What do ya think? There’s other things to do in Utah, even things that mom would like. I’m pretty much over the whole “cram bday and Christmas presents into a few months and do nothing the rest of the year.” I propose that we exchange bday presents on our half birthdays. I’m serious, by the way. I usually end up buying myself what I want when I need it, because I can’t wait to get all my presents in December.

Anyway, I’m also serious about wanting to know about vacation plans. I looked at Southwest today and there aren’t any cheap flights left between here and Chicago for Thanksgiving.

I was telling dad about how lonely it’s been all alone out here. I’d like to make more of an effort to see each other about every two months. With some planning, I’m sure we can get cheap flights. I’d like to have all of you out here, but I’m also willing to travel myself.

Most of all, let’s plan Christmas, which is in my opinion, more important the Thanksgiving.

Love and hugs.

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Patrick • 09/15/04 8:39 PM:

Our family will not have the financial means to travel this Christmas, but we do have a large enough house to house everyone else, so we’d like to officially extend the invitation. I theoretically will have time off from about 12/10-1/4 (I’ll have to grade and stuff), so, if you’ve got a long vacation and want to spend it here with family, plan on it now. Tickets for that time may go fast or may be expensive, so get planning.

David • 09/17/04 6:08 PM:

I would love to head out there. I will plan on it soon. Will there be lots of snow? Extreme sledding? Skiing? Bryce? Zion? Arches? Karina? Sara? Adi? Pato? I’m there!

And Kath - I’ll be in NJ at the WP reunion for Thanksgiving.

Dad • 09/17/04 7:19 PM:

Even mom and I are enthusiastic about heading out west! Maybe I can talk her into not getting a Christmas tree (until we arrive in Utah, of course).

Kathleen • 09/19/04 1:08 AM:

Okay, I just checked out and I found flights from LA for $200. That’s great, since I have a credit from my missed trip to Chicago. The question remains, is this a go? Dave and Dan, do you want to do this? How ‘bout you, mom and dad? I think I could forgo the usual trip “home” to NJ for the winter. I’m not too excited about going back and having to drive all over the state to see people who don’t really keep in touch with me, ya know? Do ya hear me, my peeps? Let me know your thoughts, and we can start talking dates.

Dad • 09/26/04 5:00 PM:

I think mom and I are ready, except for making the plans. May I suggest the last two weeks of December?

Patrick • 09/27/04 1:26 PM:

Fine with us. Just let us know. Maybe we can arrive whenever we can and stay as long as we can. But since we’ve mostly got academic (or retirement) schedules, there should be plenty of time.

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