Sergeant Tim McCarthy

Here’s an article from Notre Dame Magazine on everybody’s favorite Safety Sergeant, Tim McCarthy. It’s a pretty good one, and even has his Personal Top Ten. They’re hard to argue with.

I realized on Saturday, while watching ND wreck Michigan at the start of the fourth quarter, that Sergeant McCarty’s hilarity and wisdom deserved to be on Maddenation. Enjoy!

DavidFunnies09/14/04 1 comments


Patrick • 09/17/04 10:54 AM:

Strange that these seem funnier in my memory than they do when I read through them. Maybe it’s something in the air, the Spirit of Notre Dame, that graces them with an added dose of wit. Or maybe his top ten would not be my top ten. In any case, the man is an institutioin. Let’s hope they have them all recorded so after he’s gone they can still play him back between the quarters.

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