Like links in a chain

I’m just watching the ND/Purdue game when the announcer talks about how one of the ND defensive players carries a chain with him into the stadium and onto the field at the beginning of the game. Says the announcer: “The chain symbolizes how each player is a link in the chain, and that together the chain is stronger than any of the individual links.” Huh? Maybe longer than any of the individual links, OK. But I think you’ve got the wrong analogy, buddy. It’s “the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”

PatrickFunnies10/02/04 7 comments


Dan • 10/02/04 9:13 PM:

Yeah, I noticed that, but didn’t dwell on it. I just chalked it off to the announcer struggling to say something nice about something so stupid. And boy, do the American people like poignant stories like that (see the Olympics and even ESPNGameday)!

Dad • 10/02/04 10:17 PM:

Do you remember later when that player was injured and the announcer remarked that he’s the guy who brings in the chain? At first I thought he was talking about the 1st down markers.

I think the most confusing part of the ritual is the single chain link that Coach Willingham keeps in his pocket during the game. Does this symbolize how “linked” he is with his players?

Anyway, next week each player should bring in a small stick and then the captain can put them all together and see of Willingham can break the bundle in half.

Dad • 10/02/04 10:21 PM:

Better yet, each player should being in a metronome.

Patrick • 10/03/04 11:38 AM:

OK. I admit it. I don’t get the metronome thing.

As for the game, it confirmed my fear that ND will be a middle-of-the-road team this year. I felt it when they lost to BYU, then they got my hopes up with Michigan, MSU, and Washington, but now I’m back down to earth. I did enjoy a lot of plays in the game, though. I could appreciate Purdue’s trickery and pinpoint-accuracy in passing. The only real complaint I have is that one of their touchdowns was not a touchdown (the guy came down out of bounds). Who knows whether they would have scored or fumbled on the next play. I can also say that I’ve never noticed Purdue doing anything good in football until this game. They were always just a faceless obstacle for ND (like Pitt). Now they’re actually a good team.

Dan • 10/03/04 3:07 PM:

Put me with the group of people who don’t get the metronome comment.

David • 10/03/04 11:18 PM:

I ‘get’ the comment - in that I remember some similar sorry about Willingham having the QBs (?) practice with a metronome (or sleep with one?) so as to gain better timing/rhythm. Or it was something like that, I don’t know. I think I’m about 35-40% accurate on some of this recollection.

Dad • 10/04/04 10:04 PM:

Dave’s got it. Willingham was doing some crazy thing with a metronome that was supposed to improve timing or reaction or something. I don’t remember exactly what he was doing, but we did talk about it and make fun of it.

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