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There will be more information about this as I get it, but I’d like to announce that I will soon be starting my biggest design project to date, the design of an experimental novel by Notre Dame Creative Writing professor Steve Tomasula.

To briefly explain, this book is not meant to be a typically designed book. Tomasula’s writing (in his words) functions as conceptual art in addition to prose. The design of the words and the prose they form is as important to the story as the actual literature. I can’t exactly vouch for this concept yet, as I’ve read little of his work, but I will refer you to his previous books.

In & Oz is his first book. I should probably read it.

VAS: An Opera in Flatland is his second book, a highly praised book for its writing and especially for its design. It was designed by a Chicago designer, Steven Farrell, and it’s become an awe-inspiring piece of work within the design community. You can see inside the book as well.

Next comes the book that I, along with my former professor, Robert, will design. Like VAS, I suspect that Robert will get the design credit (which might be a co-author thing like VAS), but that’s only fair because he got the job and he asked me to co-design.

Notre Dame just posted an article about the new book. I will provide more details when I get them. For now, I’ll just remain excited.

DanNews01/07/05 2 comments


Dad • 01/07/05 12:03 PM:

Way to go, Dan. While it’s undoubtedly important to become familiar with what has been done for Tomasula’s previous books, it’s also important not to let it constrain you or intimidate you. Trust your inherent sense of good design (along with your learning and experience, of course) in helping to create another “awe-inspiring” piece of work. Even though you are only supporting Robert in this design effort, doing your best will help both of you. Robert seems like the kind of person who will give credit where it’s due.

Dad • 09/24/05 11:10 PM:

How is this thing going?

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